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Michael Contento – My Blue Umbrella explains in detail WORKanyPLACE three pillars solution

Michael Contento

“When we talk to our customers we rate them as Survive mode, Stabilize mode, or Strive mode. That gives us a very specific dialogue with them.”

Michael Contento – CEO, My Blue Umbrella

An energetic interview hosted by Andre Faria – Microsoft Partner Development Manager – we will have the opportunity to meet Michael Contento – CEO of My Blue Umbrella – and get to know more about WORKanyPLACE, a solution changing how customers can work from anywhere, even before COVID-19 situation.

This interview brings to us, not only a great solution offered by MBU (as Mike likes to call My Blue Umbrella), but great insights and guidance about moving your on-premises environment and company culture to “work from home”.

Michael talked about the 3 stages to your company’s long-term success and why Survive, Stabilize and Strive phases are so critical for security and control in the cloud. In his latest blog posts “The 3 things you need for successful #remotework” and “How to Optimize Your Work-from-Home Strategies” you will find valuable insights to better work from home.

With such great content this interview was published in two different versions. You will be able to watch the 5 minutes summary on video, as well as listen to the extended version 9 minutes on podcast.

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