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Hi. My name is Gui Carvalhal (Guilherme Rizzo Carvalhal) and I work for Microsoft since 2004. I was born and raised in Brazil. In February 2014 I moved to Canada with my wife and here we had our 2 boys.

At Microsoft Brazil I started working very close to our tech community as Developer Evangelist for ISVs, Startups and Students. After that I spent few years in Enterprise Channel Sales and Compete until I moved into the Product Marketing & Strategy when Microsoft released Office 365. At Microsoft Canada I came as Office 365 Product Manager for Enterprise and Corporate Accounts, just after a year in role I moved back to Channel Sales but now focused on SMB segment, where I was recognized with the Microsoft Founders Award in 2017. Today I run the Scale Channel for Canada, including most of the Partners you are seeing in the Caught By Surprise interviews.

If you want to get in contact, reach me out via LinkedIn or Twitter. I also access all Caught By Surprise social feeds (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) to reply to comments, get feedbacks, as well as interview’s requests.

Hi. My name is Andre Faria and I work for Microsoft since 2010.

Hi. My name is Ammar Basha and I work for Microsoft.

Hi. My name is Rekha Rao-Mayya and I work for Microsoft.